Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is my first rodeo

I am about to go to Tanzania for seven weeks to work in a rural medical clinic near Mt. Kilimanjaro. This will be my third trip to Africa but my first attempt at blogging anything...ever. I am going to try to update it at least once a week but am making no promises as I am not sure how much internet access I will have. Expect heavy doses of adventure, sarcasm, semi-true stories, and corny humor with a dash of theology, philosophy, social justice, wisdom, and observation delivered in a Hemingway-esque narrative. So that last sentence is probably crap, I am just going to write some stuff every now and then and stick some pictures up and hopefully it wont be too boring.

Feel free to comment on anything and give advice, verbal abuse, or encouragement. You might feel like you are safe making me mad since I am thousands of miles away but remember, I will be back in August...and I never forget anything.

If all goes well I will fly from Atlanta to Johannesburg South Africa on Thursday June 11 then from J-burg to Nairobi, Kenya where I will board a bus to Northern Tanzania. Oddly enough, that was the most economical way to get there. Then I will take a week of Swahili classes before starting work in the clinic for the next 5 weeks. Week 7 is my personal vacation/adventure time when I will be hitting the road and cramming as much of East Africa in as humanly possible...it will be the stuff that legends and bestsellers are made of. And you are all invited, just shoot me an email and I will try to pick you up at the airport.

So my blogging stamina is a little low and I have tired already. Thanks for reading this far and God bless.



  1. Trent, I have no doubt that your blog will be full of Hemingway-esque stories! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures and I admire what you're doing! It's been way too long since I've seen you, so when you get back home you'll have to give me a first-hand account of your trip.

  2. Jambo Trent,

    Dala dala and simba. Karibu sana! That's the best i've got for now. Praying for you man. Have a great adventure.

    Lee aka captain jones

  3. Don't you think this whole blog thing is a bit elaborate for your "trip" to "Tanzania"? Just want you to know that you aren't fooling me...

  4. Have an amazing summer my friend!

  5. i trust you will have quite an adventure... have fun, for when you come back... BOOM.

  6. Wapi Trent?? I. Am. SOO. Jealous. Have fun and know that I'm praying for you! Don't forget about squeezing those babies for me :)

  7. Thanks guys. I am headed to the airport right NOW. Peace. Mungu akubariki (or something like that)!

  8. I told Rev Fail yesterday about your adventures. He thought it was cool.
    I just wanted to pass that along.